Why CrowdLED

Our mission is to create unforgettable events by immersing the crowd with the show.

Interactive: Our products are remotely controllable which let you be the host of the light show. In this way we can light up different sections with sequences, to create an epic effect.

Personal: Every event is unique, that’s why we always contact you to see what’s possible.

Custom: By creating our own technology, we have the possibility to make a custom CrowdLED that perfectly fit the needs of your event.

Environment: We are the only supplier that refurbishes wristbands, to keep on eye on the environment.

Fast: By fast, we mean fast. We can produce and ship your order in a week. That is what makes us special.

Who are we

Our story

Attending a party have you ever noticed that visitors are only spectators? Wouldn’t it be much better if the crowd will be completely immersed by the experience?

That’s why we created CrowdLED. Your visitors won't be spectators anymore, your visitors will be the show.

With a team of music experts, entrepreneurs and engineers we formed a winning team and managed to create one of the biggest stage effects possible with the help of one simple component: the crowd.

By creating an innovative technology ourselves, we can customize every step of the process. That’s why we are the only supplier that can make a customized CrowdLED for your event.

Since then we have expanded rapidly. Headquarters is located in the Netherlands, the largest exporter in the entertainment industry. Our warehouses and productions are located all over the world. With our optimized production process, we are able to supply to anyone, anywhere.

Corporate social responsibility

When you’re catering to an event for tens of thousands of people or even just a few hundred, pollution becomes inevitable. For this exact reason, we make every possible effort to reduce any negative environmental and social impact when creating and delivering CrowdLEDs to your events.

We strongly encourage our customers to return as many units as possible for a rebate. We reuse as many wristbands as possible, even if they have been branded. Any remaining wristbands will be dismantled for recycling of all reusable components, thus reducing the environmental impact of your event.

We have made the commitment to conduct as much of our production and refurbishment as possible in Europe by people with physical and mental disabilities, empowering them to be productive members of society and lead a higher quality of life.

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