CrowdLED in a nutshell

Helping you make your event unforgettable by making your guests part of the show. That’s the idea.

CrowdLED loves a good party. But too often, it seems folks visiting an event are often just that: visitors. And that is a loss for both the organizers and party people alike. A crowd that seamlessly becomes part of the stage, immersed in an unforgettable lightshow – that’s our vision.

Since our founding in 2013 we have grown spectacularly. Starting off in a student dorm room in a quaint Dutch college town, we now manage a network of warehouses and production facilities around the globe.

Our patented, innovative technology can be customized to exactly suit your needs. Our product design is unique and can help bring your event to the next level.


Our enthusiasm for what we do creates value for our customers


CrowdLED is a team of light engineers pushing the envelope of stage effects

User friendly

Advanced technology but easy to use in practice


We are straightforward. Our Dutch heritage ingrained in our company culture.

Meet the team