CrowdLED's Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our Sustainable Journey Starts with the Supply Chain:

Responsible sourcing forms the bedrock of CrowdLED's corporate social responsibility efforts. We recognize that our commitment to creating a sustainable future extends beyond the dazzle of our LED wristbands. It begins right at the point where our products and services are sourced. We are resolute in our commitment to respecting human rights, minimizing the environmental footprint of our supply chain, ensuring the safety and integrity of our products, fostering supplier diversity, and collaborating with other stakeholders to achieve our objectives.

Sourcing Priorities - The Heart of Our Operations:

As a cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility, the CrowdLED Compliance Program is instrumental in overseeing labor standards throughout our expansive supply chain. This initiative sets rigorous benchmarks for our suppliers, mandating compliance with applicable labor laws and adherence to CrowdLED's Sustainability Code of Conduct. Our program shapes the landscape of responsible manufacturing locations, enables the review of social compliance audit reports, and promotes improved working conditions via effective action plans. Furthermore, it facilitates labor-focused training within our supply chain, fostering collective growth and reinforcing our commitment to ethical practices in the LED wristbands and events industry. By integrating these values into our operations, we aim to be at the forefront of responsible and sustainable event experiences.


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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Protection and Carbon Footprint:

At CrowdLED, we believe in harnessing technology to deliver great experiences, while ensuring minimal environmental impact. Our commitment to this end extends to our logistics. Deliveries for every event, irrespective of the scale, are carried out using electric vehicles. This strategy reduces our carbon footprint and aligns with our vision of promoting green logistics.

Green Production:

Our reusable LED wristbands demonstrate our commitment to providing environmentally friendly events. Furthermore, we have set an ambitious goal of relying solely on reused wristbands for all our events by 2025, eliminating new production entirely.

Each LED wristband that we use is a testament to our philosophy of 'Reuse and Recycle.' After every event, each wristband is carefully collected and refurbished, ready to bring a new event to life. This strategy reduces waste and allows us to achieve an impressive return rate of more than 95% for most of our events, putting us on track to meet our goal.


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Social Responsibility

Human and Labor Rights:

Our commitment to human rights extends beyond our own employees. We hold our suppliers to the same rigorous standards, ensuring factory audits, fair wages, appropriate working hours, and safe working conditions throughout our supply chain.

Every light of our LED wristbands is a testament to a workforce treated with respect and dignity.

Occupational Health and Safety:

The safety of our employees and partners is paramount at CrowdLED. We maintain the highest standards of occupational health and safety, creating an environment where our employees can do their best work. We apply this same dedication to safety when setting up our LED wearables at events, ensuring an unforgettable experience for attendees that is as safe as it is spectacular.


Forced Labor, Child Labor, and Living Wages:

CrowdLED stands firmly against forced labor, modern slavery, and child labor in all forms, and our rigorous supply chain audits reflect this stance. We ensure that all workers in our supply chain are paid fair wages and work under conditions that respect their rights and dignity.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

We believe in fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of our organization. CrowdLED is committed to promoting a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and can thrive.

In all aspects of our work at CrowdLED, we strive to create mesmerizing crowd experiences while upholding our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Just as our LED wearables connect attendees at an event, we aim to connect our business practices with the broader goal of social equity and respect for human rights.


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