How to control your CrowdLED

How it works

All our remote controlled LED wristbands and other products have a built-in radio signal receiver. You only need one CrowdLED DMX Base Station to control thousands of units to light up in any color or patern. Our Base Station is the size of a shoebox and works with the industry standard DMX protocol. It allows you to control the bracelets together with the rest of the show's lighting, giving you the power to create a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests.

We can deliver a turnkey performance, or you take charge with our plug-and-play feature. Read below what is best for you and your event.

Our Turnkey Process


You have a vision of your event and what you want your crowd to experience.


We take care of everything, including the logistics and the cleanup, turning your idea into reality.

You want to learn more about how it happens in practice? Take 2 minutes and read the backstage story of Saski Baskonia Opening Game.

Our DIY Formula

Step 1 :

Creative vision: We determine the creative scope with your team 

Step 2 :

Design Your Light Show: We supply your lighting team with our pre-programming setup. Your team designs the show!

Step 3:

Showtime: Your team is in full control, and a CrowdLED tech is on-site as support. 

CrowdLED’s Pre-Visualizer

CrowdLED’s Visualizer is our proprietary software that visualizes upcoming events in a 3D virtual environment. With the visualizer it is possible to easily test limitless different ideas. Footage is quickly shared between lighting designers, creative teams and clients. Therefore, the visualizer accelerates a rapid back-and-forth between all parties involved.

Either we program the visualizer as part of our turn-key process and update the pre-viz drafts based on your demand. Or we provide your team with the required software and gear so you can use the visualizer internally during your pre-viz process.

With our Visualizer visual concepts can easily be tested and integrated into a show. A key feature here, is that music and other visual effects of the show can be easily synchronized with our controllable LED wristbands. With the visualization of the concepts, we know that everyone has the same goal when it comes to designing a spectacular show. CrowdLED’s Visualizer makes the pre-production progress efficient, with more control and creative freedom.

Let us empower you!
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DMX Base Station Control

The CrowdLED DMX Base station is a plug-and-play transmitter to operate all our our remote-controlled LED wearables . It works as a DMX to radio frequency interface and is controllable by any light operator on a standard lighting console.

Our system is plug & play and requires no extra rigging. It is set up by our technicians and is ready to use at your event. The hardware setup takes 2 minutes. One CrowdLED transmitter has a range of up to 750 meters to cover 1.75 million square meters - so basically any arena.

Our patented CrowdLED technology allows you to assign wristbands to specific groups enabling you to control sections of your crowd individually. Use the wristbands as interactive signals for crowd control.

This allows for some breathtaking special effects. Let a wave of light roll through the stadium, or create an endless variety of light patters on your audience. Create astonishing light shows by playing with the effects at your disposal. Pick any colors and flashing mode.

Learn more about the effects Long arrow right, Light version

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Remote Control

Receive box -> Take out remote controller -> You are ready to go!

Control all LED wearables with the CrowdLED remote. It comes with twelve pre-defined color and flashing modes, allowing you full control over when and how the LEDs light up - all while walking anywhere in the venue. 

If requested, we program the remote controller to do any extra features you have in mind. If you are looking for an easy way to create a striking event, this is what you need. 

Other Control Options

Sound Activated

Great for wowing your guests without having to worry about another production element. The CrowdLEDs light up to the beat of the music. 


Awesome at a running or sporting event or when you want to encourage people to clap.

  • Product: LED wristband
  • Effect: The faster the movements, the brighter the lights
  • Setup: None

Manual Control

For giveaways and interaction. Let the crowd divide itself into groups according to affinities, having thechoose their own color.


Great for timeslot services. You can set the wristbands to turn any color after a set amount of time. 

How to distribute your LED wristbands?

All your LED wristbands and/or other products are delivered directly to your office or venue. The groups are packaged separately for ease of distribution. What options do you have in terms of distribution?

1. Distribution at entrance of venue

Hand out the LED bracelets when your attendees enter the venue.


➟Easy centralized distribution.

➟Smaller event – Easy targeted distribution of grouped wristbands.

2. Distribution at entrance of sections

Hand out grouped wristbands at the section / block entrances of the venue.


➟Large event - Easy targeted distribution of grouped wristbands.

➟Section level control for show design. Colour waves; Circular effects.

3. Seat Deployment

Deploy the LED products on / under the seats before the event. Deployment is done based on design plan drafted before the show.


➟Unlimited light show design opportunities.

➟Rehearsals are done with LED products in place.

➟Attendee stream to seats not held up by handing out LED wristbands.

RFID Enhancement

RFID is a great addition to engage your audience at your event. Don’t worry if the setup sounds like a tedious affair – we’ve got you covered. 

We integrate an NFC tag in each LED wristbands or lanyards. Upon arrival, the attendees receive their personalized LED unit, allowing them access to the venuepurchasing or spending tokens, interactions at any points of interest, or gamification. 

We provide you with scanners that are equipped with software to detect visitors upon arrival, at points of interest and other possibilities, carried out by the hosts and hostesses. A CrowdLED technician will be on site to instruct your staff how to operate the scanners and provide support during the event. 

Reuse & Recycle

Collecting and recycling: good for both your wallet and the planet. We offer four different options.


  1. Your guests keep the wristbands. A cool souvenir of your awesome event.
  2. Reuse the wristbands. Collect the wristbands at the end of your event and redistribute them at your next event. The battery life is good for multiple events.
  3. Refurbish your wristbands. Get the wristbands ready for your next event, even after the batteries have ran out: replace the button cell batteries or let us do it for you.
  4. Send the wristbands back to us. We will recycle them and refurbish them. You receive a cashback and as well as some serious environmental karma points.

If you want to see how we put this to practice, take a look at Bastille's event.

Check out Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games event →

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