How to control a CrowdLED

How does it work

All our remote controlled LED wristbands and other products have a built-in radio signal receiver. The moment you want all CrowdLEDs to light up, a signal is sent to all the units with the chosen color and mode. You only need 1 CrowdLED DMX Base Station to control an entire stadium. Our Base Station is the size of a shoe box and works with the industry standard DMX protocol. It allows you to control the bracelets together with the rest of the show's lighting, giving you the power to create a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests.

We can deliver a turnkey performance or you take charge and make use of the plug and play nature of our wristbands and balls. Read below which avenue is best suited to make your event as immersive and inclusive as possible!

Our turnkey process

What we expect from you 

Tell us how you envision your event and the feeling you want your crowd to experience. We will turn your creativity into reality.


What you can expect from us 

From inspiration through show design up to curtain fall - we take care of everything. We will always make sure during the process that everything is clear and understood on both sides. We will bend over backwards to help you achieve your goals.

You want to learn more about how it happens in practice? Take 2 minutes and read the backstage story of Bastille’s orchestral concert.

DMX Base Station Control

The CrowdLED DMX Base station is a plug and play transmitter to operate all our remote-controlled LED wearables. It works as a DMX to radio frequency interface and is controllable by any light operator, on any standard lighting console.

The beauty of our system is that it is plug & play and requires no extra rigging. Our system is pre-programmed by our technicians and is ready to use at your event. The hardware setup takes 2 minutes and one CrowdLED transmitter has a range of up to 750 meters which will cover any arena.

It is also possible to assign wristbands to specific groups enabling you to control sections of your crowd individually. With a bit of creativity this allows you to use the wristbands as interactive signals, during break-out sessions, or crowd control!

Have you ever dreamt of lighting up an entire stadium through a wave? Or creating a light pattern in the crowd with your spectators? Let your dream come true: you can create astonishing light shows by playing with the effects at your disposal. You can pick any colors and flashing mode. 

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Remote Control

Receive box -> Take out remote controller -> You are ready to go!

The CrowdLED remote controller allows you to control the LED wearables all together. It comes with 12 pre-defined color and flashing modes. It allows you a full and mobile control over when and how the LEDs light up. With the push of a button!

If the standard options are not enough for you, we can program the remote controller to do anything upon request. For example, it can allow you to control groups and queue your event on 12 buttons! We can customize it as much as needed.

If you are looking for an easy way to create a striking event - you just found a match.

Other Control Options

Sound Activated

Great for wowing your guests without having to worry about another production element. They light up to the beat and sound of the music.


Awesome at a running or sporting event or when you want to encourage people to clap.

  • Product: LED wristband
  • Effect: The faster the movement the brighter they shine!
  • Setup: None

Manual Control

For giveaways and interaction. Allow your crowd to divide itself into groups according to affinities, having the participants chose their color!


Great for pay-per-hour services. You can set the wristbands to turn any color after a set amount of time.

RFID Enhancement

RFID is a great addition to engage your audience at your event. At first, the whole idea of collecting data, setting up points of interest and sending personalized messaged could sound difficult and unappealing. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This is what you can expect from us:

We integrate an NFC tag in every one of your LED wristbands or lanyards. Upon reception of your attendees they are handed a LED product registered uniquely to them.  Now the fun starts and the event immersion begins. Depending on your event this can be access control, topping up tokens, points of interest, or gamification.

We provide you with scanners that are equipped with software to register visitors upon arrival, at points of interest and other possibilities. This will be carried out by the hostesses. A CrowdLED technician will be on site to instruct your staff how to operate the scanners and provide support where needed during the event.

Reuse & Recycle

At CrowdLED we try to reduce pollution at events to a bare minimum by collecting our products and recycling them. This makes the planet greener and the environment cleaner. To achieve this mission, we offer four different options with regards to our products after your event:

  1. Your guests keep the wristbands. The participants of your event take the wristband home as a souvenir. A great reminder of your awesome event.
  2. You reuse the wristbands. Collect the wristbands at the end of your event and redistribute them at your next event. One battery is good for multiple events.
  3. Refurbish your wristbands. If you run out of battery power, you can easily replace the button cell batteries yourself or let us do it for you. Get the wristbands ready for your next activation
  4. You send the wristbands back to us. After getting the wristbands back, we will recycle them and refurbish them. You will receive a cashback and you will contribute to a cleaner environment.

If you want to see how we put this to practice, take a look at Bastille's event.

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