CrowdLED Sustainability Program

At CrowdLED, we make every effort to follow the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as closely as we can. We care about both the future of the world and the future of events.

Actively preserving the environment and bettering society

We collaborate closely with organizations like Impact and Reinaerde to restore our LED wristbands, giving marginalized individuals an opportunity. Our dual objectives are to increase societal integration while extending the end-of-life cycle of our products as much as we can. No one is left out and no plastic is wasted at CrowdLED. 

Sustainable Product:

Our refurbished wristbands can perform the same hypnotic effects, including flash, strobe, groups, and more. By doing this, you prevent more plastic from entering the environment while still enjoying the amazing crowd engaging effects of LED wristbands. 

If you choose to participate in our sustainability program, we will also provide you with some perks. We will pay you 20 cents for each unbranded or stickered LED bracelet returned to CrowdLED for refurbishing! Not only do you help the environment, but you also save money! 

Find out how we pulled off a remarkable eco-friendly event here: Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

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Sustainable storage and logistics:

By strategically placing multiple warehouses in different parts of the world, we can keep our supply lines as short as possible. You may relax knowing that the carbon footprint is small and that the LED wristbands will arrive shortly. In addition, we employ the services of third-party shippers like UPS and DHL to get our wares to customers. Both recognizable companies have made public pledges to their policies on sustainability. 


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