Personal distancing technology.

Let's get back to productivity and remove the guesswork from social distancing

What is a CrowdRanger?

CrowdRanger is a social distancing wearable device that helps you maintain a safe social distance. It uses state-of-the-art localization technology, sensing when other devices are within a chosen range. The wearers will be alarmed with light, sound and vibration when the safe distance is broken. With the CrowdRanger you are certain your employees can come back to work safely. Your workforce can fully focus on what they are best at while making sure your customers have peace of mind.

How does a CrowdRanger work?

When 2 or more CrowdRangers come within a set threshold they will alert the wearers. It allows the wearers to focus on their work and not their surroundings. By using sound, light, and vibration to provide feedback you can position the wearable device as you like without losing effective protection. The distance can be adjusted to adhere to governmental set safe social distances.

Warehouse workers pulling a pallet truck wearing CrowdRangers

What sets it apart?

Your CrowdRanger uses Ultra-wideband (UWB) to establish its distance to other devices. UWB technology is more accurate and reliable than comparable technologies. Additionally, there is no loss of effectiveness when groups of devices are in close proximity. It is the best fit for current public health measures and ensuring your safety.



Long arrow right light Alerts wearer using light, sound, and vibration

Long arrow right light Works out of the box, no hardware installation required

Long arrow right light Opt-in contact tracing capabilities

Long arrow right light Adjustable safe distance to fit your requirements

Long arrow right light Anonymous - does not log any localization or personal data

Long arrow right light Employs UWB technology for optimal accuracy

Long arrow right light Rechargeable with provided USB cable

Long arrow right light Purchase and rental

CrowdRanger Social Distancing Wearable - side