A smart wearable for time-slot based events.

Improve your time-slot based client flow

The time-slot wearable made easy

A CrowdTimer is a wearable device that helps visitors keep track of their time-slot. The device lights up in red when the time-slot has ended. As a result, your visitors can focus on enjoying themselves without worrying about the time. In addition, your staff has a clear indicator of whose time-slot is over.

Control Options

The CrowdTimer Remote let’s you set the desired time for a CrowdTimer with the press of a button. As it is a portable the operator can initiate a time-slot at any location. No additional hardware installation required. After unpacking the Remote and either your Wristbands or Lanyards you are ready to help your clients keep track of their time-slots. Antenna included.


  • Alerts user when time-slot is over
  • Multiple times possible, by default from 15 minutes to 2 hours
  • Multiple CrowdTimers can be set at the same time
  • Works out of the box in combination with the CrowdTimer Remote
  • Easy to clean
  • Replaceable batteries


How does a CrowdTimer work?

CrowdTimer time-slot wearable timer bracelet infograph explainer

1. Distribute the CrowdTimer

Distribute the CrowdTimer, either the LED Wristband or Lanyard, to your attendees after they have purchased a time-slot.

2. Activate the CrowdTimers

Remove the battery pull-tab from your customer’s CrowdTimer to activate it. The device will flash blue, indicating it is ready for its time to be set.

3. Set the Time-slot

Then take your CrowdTimer Remote and press the predefined button corresponding to the time-slot length purchased by your customer. As a result the CrowdTimer(s) will flash green, indicating a successful initiation.

4. End of Time-slot

At the end of the time-slot the CrowdTimer will light up in red. Clearly signalling to your staff on the floor that the wearer’s time is up. This end-state cannot be altered by the wearer.

5. Collection

Collect the CrowdTimers at the exit and have your staff re-insert the battery pull-tab, cutting the power cycle. As a result you will stop the end-state of along with saving battery life.

Finally, clean the CrowdTimers before putting them back in circulation.