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Interactive LED Wristband

Your Personalized Remote Controlled LED Wristband

Ready to light up your event?

At the event, you have full control over the LED wristbands activation. Synchronize them with the music while your crowd is going crazy. Anything is possible!

Our goal is to wow your crowd, so tell us your craziest ideas and we will make it work. Moreover, they are fully brandable LED armbands! Ideal for product launching and perfect for a giveaway. Use them to pick winners among your audience or to highlight a specific moment of your event!

Check out some branded wristbands:
  • Etam
  • Vodafone
  • Deloitte

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How to control your LED wristbands

DMX control

Want to seamlessly integrate the LED wristbands into your light show? Simply plug our DMX Base Station directly into your lighting console. The DMX Base Station enables dynamic control over the RGB LEDs and the groups in your crowd so you can orchestrate a breathtaking show!

Remote Controller

Need to accentuate that special moment? Emphasize a product launch? Or do you have a party on the move? Our remote controller allows you full and mobile control over when and how the LED wristbands light up. With the push of a button!

Sound activated

Our sound activated wristbands light up to the beat and sound of the music. If you are looking to wow your guests without having to worry about another production element these wristbands are the ones you need. The louder the beat the brighter they shine!


Have a running or sporting event or do you want to encourage people to clap? Hand every one of your guests a motion wristband and watch as your night run turns into a colourful string of light. The faster the movement the brighter they shine!


Our timer wristbands are ideal for pay-per-hour services. You can set the wristbands to turn any colour after a set amount of time. This will give you and the wearer a clear visual indicator that it is time to stop eating or get off the ice rink. Get in contact for all the possibilities!


OnOff LED wristbands let the wearer cycle through the colours and modes of the wristband. Great for giveaways and interaction. You can allow your crowd to divide itself into groups according to affinities, having the participants chose their colour!


Sometimes you want invitees walking around to notice a specific area or be engaged by a booth or art piece. Why not have the LED wristbands light up when your guests are close to a point of interest? Our proximity control is a fun and interactive way for your guests to notice what you spent long hours making!

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