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Intelligent RFID

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LED wristbands + RFID CrowdLED

The beginning of smarter events

Our RFID technology makes running any event as smooth as possible. An integrated RFID chip can help you track the crowd, send personalized messages and guide the audience to any location in the venue. The data allows you to get know your audience and their preferences, setting up better future editions of your event.

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Cashless Payments

Quick, wireless payments. No cash needed with our bracelets.

Entrance Ticket

Shorter lines, less hassle.

Event registration

Allow your audience to register before the event on your website.

Easy to use, easy to integrate

Spend less time controlling and more time with your audience

Get to know your audience

Collect data and get the most out of your event.

Turnkey solution

With the flip of a switch you are ready to go.

How it works

RFID technology uses chips and radio waves to communicate between our wristbands and one central data collection point. With integrated RFID into the wristbands or lanyards, you have the opportunity to get to know your audience better and be able to create an event they will not forget. Eliminate all the usual tedious hassle: no more slow lines at the door or at the bar.

RFID is available for any event: intimate or arena-sized, corporate or private.

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