How CrowdLED Wristbands

Transformed the Arabian Gulf Cup 2023 Opening Ceremony

Lighting up the Night at Basra International Stadium:

In a historic event, Iraq hosted the Arabian Gulf Cup on January 6th 2023, marking the country's first international soccer tournament in over four decades. To make the opening ceremony even more spectacular, we lit up the Basra Sports Stadium with an impressive display of 65,000 LED wristbands, creating an unforgettable and immersive experience for the crowd.


The story behind the curtains

We were dedicated to ensuring that this event would be one for the books. With the help of our dedicated team on site, we deployed 40 groups of LED wristbands to produce a stunning array of dynamic effects, each one perfectly synchronized with the show and other special effects in play. 

And, by using just one DMX Base Station , and our visualizer we were able to control all the 65,000 wristbands, making the logistics of the project more efficient and streamlined. 

Our efforts paid off in spades, as the opening ceremony was a huge success broadcasted to tens of millions of viewers worldwide. We were proud to have played a crucial role in this historic event, from the early stages of planning to the final cleanup. Though the project was certainly challenging, we were thrilled to have been a part of something so incredible. 

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