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Lightful charity concert!

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Spectacular charity concert with Bastille

Our job description for this one was clear. The event organizers told us: "Our goal is to create an unforgettable event where people are inspired to contribute". CrowdLED was happy to do its part.

Together with Bastille and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, we helped raise money and awareness for Channel Aid with an incredible, intimate concert and light show.

This Elbphilharmonie is Hamburg's newest crown jewel on the Elbe river and the perfect setting for this amazing event.

"We couldn't ask for a better night. These guys were so supportive and super creative. We are already looking forward to next year to do it again together!"
June 2019

After requesting a quote on our website, we called the organisers. They explained their concept, we immediately fell in love with it. The journey had started.

Nov. Dec. 2019

In close consultation with the Channel-Aid team, we designed a 100% personalised light show in close link to the other stage light effects.

03 Jan. 2020

The wristbands were delivered by truck the day before the event at the venue in Hamburg. All the boxes were labelled to make the seat deployment process as smooth as possible.

04 Jan. 2020 – 7am

All the wristbands got deployed in the venue early in the morning. The team was briefed by a CrowdLED project manager and each received a detailed map of the venue logically explaining how and where to put the bracelets.

04 Jan. 2020 – 2pm

CrowdLED light operators got introduced to the other technicians of the venue. Once in the FOH, they plugged in the DMX base station. It was done in 2 minutes. All the 2,200 wristbands split up in 28 groups were extensively tested before the crowd arrived. The light show was ready to be experienced!

04 Jan 2020 – 8pm

Once the venue filled up and Bastille put on his show, we immersed the audience in a light show to remember and demonstrated some of our newest techniques.

04 Jan 2020 – 11pm

Hostesses were collecting the wristbands at every exit doors. Once all the guests were out of the venue, we walked around the seating areas to collect the last wristbands left behind. The FOH was cleared as fast as it has been set up.

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