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Lightful charity concert!

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Spectacular charity concert with Bastille

Our job description for this one was clear. The event organizers told us: "Our goal is to create an unforgettable event where people are inspired to contribute". CrowdLED was happy to do its part.

Together with Bastille and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, we helped raise money and awareness for Channel Aid with an incredible, intimate concert and light show.

This Elbphilharmonie is Hamburg's newest crown jewel on the Elbe river and the perfect setting for this amazing event.

"We couldn't ask for a better night. These guys were so supportive and super creative. We are already looking forward to next year to do it again together!"

The story behind the curtains

Right after the folks of Channel-Aid requested a quote, we jumped on the phone with them to talk options and get some ideas flowing. We were thrilled to hear they loved what we at CrowdLED came up with, so we got right to it. We designed a 100% personalized light show with some of our newest techniques. We took care of the packaging, neatly labeling over 40 boxes to ensure a smooth seat deployment and shipping them by Truck to Hamburg, Germany the day before the event.

Early in the morning, we distributed the bracelets throughout the venue. A short CrowdLED briefing got everyone up to speed, our DMX base station was hooked up to the system, and all 2,200 wristbands were divided in 28 groups. A quick test run ensured everything worked exactly as planned, and the show was on the road. Special bins near the exit as well as our team members on site ensured a quick cleanup after the show was over. But most importantly, we immersed the audience in a light show – check out the video – which they will never forget.

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