Lighting Up Bigflo et Oli Tour

A Spectacular LED Wristbands Experience

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A tour like no other:

With the artists' desire to begin their new tour ''Les autres c'est nous'' with a bang, and their vision to light up the show using timecoded LED wristbands synchronized with their live performance, CrowdLED was called upon to deliver a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for their stadium shows. The result was nothing short of spectacular.


The story behind the curtains

Different venues across Belgium and France came alive with the vibrant colors of our LED wristbands, as they illuminated the stadiums and created unforgettable moments for the crowd. From pulsating beats to emotional ballads, the wristbands perfectly synchronized with the performances, connecting the artists to their fans.

To guarantee a flawless execution, we provided skilled staff, including a light operator and a wristband manager for the initial shows. This allowed the artists and their team to focus on delivering their best performance, while we took care of the technical and logistics aspects to ensure the light show ran smoothly.

Over the course of three shows, the same LED wristbands were utilized, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste. We have achieved a remarkable return rate of 96%, proving the effectiveness of our collection and reuse strategy.

Experience the magic of CrowdLED and make your next event unforgettable just like Bigflo et Oli's incredible tour.

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