Lighting up Alexander Stadium

Transforming the Commonwealth Games into a work-of-art

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Breathtaking moments at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

The Birmingham Commonwealth Games took place from July 28 to August 8, 2022. We supplied 65,000 remote controlled LED wristbands for the opening and closing ceremonies.

The Commonwealth Games team and CrowdLED showed tens of millions of people all over the world how amazing it can be to include the audience in your lighting plan.

For a moment in time, we made Alexander Stadium so bright it was visible from space!

"We wish to offer a huge thanks to CrowdLED for providing the LED Wearables which were a significant contribution in helping us to deliver the two ceremonies that Birmingham and the UK can be proud of." Birmingham Ceremonies Limited

The story behind the curtains

CrowdLED worked with the Commonwealth Games producers and lighting team to make sure that the 2022 event in Birmingham would be one for the record books.

During the opening and closing ceremonies, 65,000 LED wristbands were put on seats in over 60 pre-programmed groups to maximize the effects and interaction with the crowd in different seating zones. 

The lighting team for the Commonwealth Games got a DMX Base Station, a visualizer, and a day in the studio. Then, we let them program their show. CrowdLED helped both off- and on-site in the lead-up, and we were on-site to manage the wristband distribution and help the tech team with any last questions or tweaks.

During the opening and closing ceremonies, we wowed the crowd by making a work of art with lights.

As part of our sustainability program and the Commonwealth games' dedication to sustainability, the opening ceremony wristbands were reused for the closing ceremony. The LED wristbands were again collected after the final shows and will be recycled and used again at other events.

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