Lighting Up Britain's Got Talent Season 16

A Sustainable Encore with CrowdLED

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Lights Aglow, Sustainability in Show:

When CrowdLED was asked to return for Britain's Got Talent's 16th season, we knew we had a chance to dazzle and to reaffirm our commitment to sustainable event experiences. From the outset, our mission was clear: to illuminate Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, UK, while showcasing the potential of our reusable technology. With 3,000 LED reusable wristbands, we lit up the wrists of 18,000 attendees across six thrilling shows.


The story behind the curtains

Britain's Got Talent 2023 was more than just another gig; it was an opportunity to demonstrate that spectacle and sustainability could share the same stage.

At each of the six shows, our LED wristbands ignited the crowd's energy, literally extending the stage's vibrancy into the audience. But the real magic was their ability to do it again and again. The reusability of our LED wristbands allowed us to illuminate 18,000 attendees. With every pulse of light from the wristbands, the energy of live performances extended right into the crowd, creating an immersive experience that kept the audiences at the edge of their seats.

Our turnkey solution seamlessly wove into the production setup, integrating the DMX Base Station and a Visualizer to create a harmonized light show. Behind the scenes, CrowdLED was an integral part of the crew, orchestrating the wristbands' magic and ensuring the spotlight remained on our sustainable mission.

As the curtains closed on the finale, viewed by more than 5 million people on TV, the true success of CrowdLED's mission was evident. A remarkable return rate of 98.5% demonstrated our audience's hearty acceptance of our green mission, amplifying the resonance of our vision. 

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