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Burna Boy: Love, Damini Tour

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Burna Boy & CrowdLED: A New Wave of Crowd Experience

In a fusion of technology and artistry, CrowdLED and Burna Boy reimagined what live concerts could be. From sold-out venues like London Stadium to Paris La Défense Arena, we crafted an unbreakable connection between the Nigerian superstar and his crowd for the 'Love, Damini Tour'. Our LED wristbands united all fans together in a shared experience that transcended traditional live shows.

The story behind the curtains

The journey began with Burna Boy's creative vision - a desire to craft a tour that engaged fans at a deeper level. CrowdLED took this idea and transformed it into reality, designing a show that resonates with each and every fan.

CrowdLED's turnkey solution exemplified excellence, as we orchestrated everything from programming and designing to showtime execution. Our dedicated on-site team, including a lighting technician, a wristband manager, and support staff, ensured a flawless transition from imagination to reality, all with the press of a button.

Just like controlling any other stage light, the LED wristbands were effortlessly implemented into the artist's show file, syncing to every beat and motion during the show. The result was an immersive experience that captured hearts, embodying the essence of Burna Boy’s tour.

A major highlight of Burna Boy’s "Love, Damini Tour" was the reuse of LED wristbands. After each live performance, wristbands were collected and prepped for the next show, illustrating CrowdLED's commitment to sustainability in the entertainment industry. The Paris leg of the tour showcased this dedication, with an extraordinary 83% return rate of wristbands, a responsible and eco-friendly approach to live concert experiences with LED technology.

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