Channel Aid Concert with our newest LED Wristbands

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Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall glows with LED Wristbands:

The Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg shimmered with a dazzling display of our wristbands' lights for the second time. The venue played host to a charity concert organized by FABS and Channel Aid in January 2023, and the success of the event was further elevated using our newest version of LED wristbands. Boasting brighter and faster lights, as well as multiple spatial effects, creating a show to remember! 

The story behind the curtains

Bringing the concert to life was a true feat of technology and expertise. We provided a turnkey solution and programmed the wristbands' effects based on the show file, ensuring that every moment was perfectly choreographed to the live performance. Our proprietary visualizer was utilized to design, refine, and perfect the show for a seamless audience experience. 

On the night of the concert, our technician was on hand to control the 2500 LED wristbands deployed in 15 groups on the seats, using the DMX Base Station and supported by the visualizer for fluid control. 

The after-party was just as dazzling, as the LED wristbands added to the lively atmosphere, creating a night to remember. 

Every aspect of the concert was executed flawlessly, from the show programming to the on-site control. The result was an immersive experience that left the crowd in awe. 

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