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D.D.E. Trondheim

What is D.D.E. Trondheim 

D.D.E. is a famous Norwegian pop/rock band with many hits such as Rompa Mi and Rai-Rai. 

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, D.D.E. treated their fans on a trip down memory lane through 30 years of music in a 360° arena. 

CrowdLED contributed to this unforgettable celebration by lighting up 10.000 LED wristbands and giving the D.D.E. fans a night to remember! 

"Thank you, and thanks for the support and work that CrowdLED laid down into this show."

The story behind the curtains

D.D.E. were gearing up for their 30th anniversary and wanted to do something extra special for their loyal followers. 

With the help of 10.000 LED wristbands, we made the audience the star of the performance. The stadium was transformed into a living canvas by the addition of numerous colors and motion effects. Lighting sections and groups that extend from the stage to the audience. 

We were able to engage the audience and provide them with an unforgettable experience. Their cheery expressions reveal how much fun they had at the event.

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