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“We want to engage with our potential clients in an inventive way so that they immediately can be assisted by one of our representatives.”

Entrematic offers one of the world's most extensive ranges of access automation.

The company was going to R+T in Stuttgart and were looking for a way to stand out, an automated interactive way of communication with the visitors of their booth.

7 different departments within the company, all with their own expertise and knowledge, and all present at the fair.

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What did we do?

We provided Entrematic with 7 custom-made arcade buttons and 80 LED wristbands for their stand. The wristbands where split over 7 groups, worn by the different departments. Pressing the arcade button of a department lit up solely the wristbands of that department, in their own colour!

We designed 7 arcade buttons that the visitors could press if they wanted to talk to a dedicated representative. The big colourful buttons sparked the interest of the fair visitors and having a visual cue helped the departments more efficiently spend their time.

It was an original first impression of Entrematic that their potential clients got!

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