A marvellous light show

ISTAF Indoor without an audience

ISTAF Indoor 2021

“This year, ISTAF Indoor is happening with no audience, how can we reuse the CrowdLED wristbands we collected after last year's edition? Our solutionWhy not deploy them on the seats and simulate the energy of the missing fans? And so we did! 

Reused LED wristbands were seat deployed in the ISS Dome and Mercedez-Benz Arena early 2021. The missing crowds were simulated with nothing but a dry hired remote controller to light up 10,000 wristbands! 

“We really appreciate your extra effort during these challenging times, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the upcoming editions of ISTAF.”

The story behind the curtains

The absence of crowds due to the pandemic didn’t stand in the way of making the best of this year's ISTAF Indoor edition. 10,000 wristbands were deployed on seats to immerse 2 venues in a bright light show. The goal was to energize the stadiums by simulating the crowd with our LED wristband effects. Thanks to our dry hire remote controller, the lighting team controlled all the seats in the ISS Dome Dusseldorf and the Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin. The energy at the indoor sports events looked like pre-COVID for the millions of viewers at home.

The reused LED wristbands were the same wearables collected from the previous edition. This allowed Top Sport Berlin to minimize costs and save on their budget during these hard times. The nominal sum of 1 dry hire controller drove this awesome show! The LED bracelets will be reused again for the next event, because we never change a winning team!

Check out how our Reuse & Recycle plan can help reduce your event's footprint here.

We were delighted to be their crowd; we look forward to being onsite next time!

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