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ISTAF Indoor Berlin 2020

“We want to take our sporting event to the next level, what do you suggest?”. The answer: 10,000 wristbands dividing the stadium into 48 seating areas.

CrowdLED spent Valentine’s day doing what they love – lighting up the ISTAF Indoor Berlin, the world biggest indoor track & field tournament.

"Everything was beyond our expectations, we are so glad we worked with you on this project. I want to thank you again for picking up the challenge!"
24 Jan. 2020

The sporting event agency called us in a hurry asking for wristbands, two weeks before the world biggest track & field tournament in Berlin. We accepted the challenge!

Feb. 2020

We were given some music on which we had to create a fully customized and synchronised light show. Our dedicated light operator and project manager gathered in the office and worked hard to make it happen in less than a week.

13 Feb. 2020 – 6am

We sent the wristbands to Germany by truck, reducing the event carbon footprint. All the boxes were labelled to make the seat deployment process as smooth as possible.

13 Feb. 2020 – from 8am

The staff at the stadium took care of the seat deployment. The team was briefed by a CrowdLED project manager and each received a detailed map of the venue, logically explaining how and where to put the bracelets on the seats.

14 Feb. 2020 – 4pm

CrowdLED light operators got introduced to the fellow technicians on site. Once in the FOH, they plugged in the DMX base station. It only took 2 minutes! The 10,000 remote controlled wristbands were tested in the afternoon and were ready for a stunning light show at night. That is what we call CrowdLED efficiency!

14 Feb. 2020 – 6pm

The excitement, adrenaline and emotions were highly enhanced by all the lights synced together creating an unforgettable atmosphere. The whole event was broadcast live on TV and online, so everyone could enjoy the show.

14 Feb. 2020 – 10pm

Right at the exit doors, we placed some collecting bins staffed with a team member to incentive recycling. The event organisers decided to keep the wristbands to reuse them for another stunning event!

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