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ISTAF Indoor Berlin 2020

“We want to take our sporting event to the next level, what do you suggest?” Well, how about 10,000 wristbands dividing the stadium into 48 seating areas.

CrowdLED spent Valentine’s day doing what they love – lighting up the world’s biggest Indoor track & field tournament.

"Everything was beyond our expectations, we are so glad we worked with you on this project. I want to thank you again for picking up the challenge!"

The story behind the curtains

Two weeks before the event, we were asked to supply wristbands for ISTAF Indoor, a leading track and field tournament to be held in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin. A challenge right up our alley. Within a week, our dedicated light operators designed a fully customized and synchronized light show. A day prior to the event, the wristbands were sent to Germany by truck. The on-site team was briefed by a CrowdLED project manager and took care of the seat deployment. 

It only took 2 minutes to setup the DMX base station and to start testing all 10,000 wristbands. The excitement, adrenaline and emotions were highly enhanced by all the synced lights, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. The event was broadcast live on TV and online, reaching millions across the globe. After the event, we placed some collecting bins at the exit doors, in order for us to take home and recycle the wristbands. It played out a little different, however: the event organizers decided to keep the wristbands to reuse them another edition.

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