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Capital's Jingle Bell Ball 2021

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Capital's Jingle Bell Ball 2021

O2 Arena hosted the Jingle Bell Ball 2021, a multi-artist music festival. This year, the radio station Capital FM used interactive LED wristbands!  to elevate the musical experience. We created a 3D render of the arena and dispatched the 10 wristband groups using our brand-new visualizer. 

The light show was extended from the stage to the audience's seats thanks to the 35,000 LED wristbands! 

“CrowdLED helped us create a show to remember. The crowd loved it, the artists loved it, and we loved it” - Emma Harley

The story behind the curtains

At The Jingle Bell Ball 2021, we were able to turn a vision into a programmed show. Using our new visualizer, we developed the ultimate light show plan. As part of the pre-visualization process, CrowdLED worked alongside the artists and their lighting crews, while others programmed our LED wristbands into their show themselves. 

With the help of CrowdLED, the O2 Arena was transformed into a light canvas thanks to meticulous seat deployment and intensive programming. 

All wristbands were collected and will be recycled and reused at another eco-friendly event in the future. They're yours to take!

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