LED lit Crowd Management

How to manage a crowd using LED wristbands

Mercedes EQS event Zurich 2021

During the release of the new Mercedes EQS in Zürich, groups of people had the opportunity to test drive the brand new car. But how do you signal three people at a time from a large group without skipping people or having larger and larger queues form? This is where our remote controllable LED wristbands come in! 

We supported the event by providing eccentric crowd management with over 40 groups. Everyone got to drive the car without queues or unnecessary waiting! 

"It was then that the first bracelets began to flash. Let’s go! Outside, the high-end electric sedans are ready."

Eccentric problems require creative solutions

There were 120 attendees at the release of the EQS Mercedes in Zürich. Attendees had to be separated in groups of three and then had the opportunity to make a test drive. 

This means at 40 different occasions, three wristbands had to light up. This was done by creating 40 different groups and making each group flash at a separate occasion using a DMX Base Station. Each attendee received their wristband at the entrance and were told “Here is your bracelet. As soon as it starts flashing, you will head for the exit”, this meant it was time to test drive the new Mercedes EQS. 

Discreet wristbands worked well with the dress code, only drawing attention when lit up.

After the event all the wristbands were collected and sent back to CrowdLED to be reused. Therefore, the environmental footprint was kept to a minimum.  

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