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Bringing light to a 'dark' event

For the launch of the fourth season of Black mirror, the popular Netflix series that talks about the darkest places technology could take us, Netflix Italy created a grim look into that future by a social experiment.

In Milan, the fashion city packed with influencers, a restaurant was set up where your social media influence decided if you could get in, what you could eat and how long you got to stay.

In a future where everything is about social media, CrowdLED was asked to bring some light to this dark social experiment.

What did we do?

We provided 1600 controllable wristbands for the Netflix event in Italy. Individually controlled groups guided guests to their tables and made sure the attendees knew where they had to be.

Guests could only get a wristband by having a minimum of 1000 followers on Instagram. Once you got in the real adventure started, people needed to keep posting photos and based on the amount of likes they got they could get a drink or even more food.

Based on likes and followers your influence in spreading the the event on social media was measured. If your influence was not enough your wristband would turn red and you were asked to leave the event. Making this a creepy depiction of what a Social media based future could be.


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