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The Audienceless Nuhr 2020 EOY show

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Nuhr TV 2020 in short

The German TV channel Das Erste has an annual review for the year 2020, in which the Comedy Prize Winner and television presenter Dieter Nuhr conjures a smile under our facemasks with his show Nuhr 2020 under the Nuhr TV banner.

They were hoping to fill the empty seats with something special and colorful without running cables throughout the seats. That's right up CrowdLED's alley!

"We thank CrowdLED for their innovative approach that was visually stunning! It was an absolute pleasure working with your professional, dedicated and client-focussed team."

The story behind the curtains at Nuhr TV 2020

We love working with Mo2 Media, every time. So when they call us and tell us we have 5 days to make a show pop, we make it happen. Normally, the Nuhr TV end of year show boasts a filled theatre, but obviously that wasn't possible this year. Instead of mounting and rigging a projector to beam on the empty seats they wanted to make every seat shine. This is where our seat deployed wristbands come into play.

We wanted to energize the audienceless event by simulating unique and colorful crowd-replacing effects. To that end we provided Nuhr TV with 1300 CrowdLEDs and our DMX interface. While the shipping was going on we provided them with the LED wristband personality, so they could design the show in advance. Once delivered, they deployed the wristbands on the seats.

The production team controlled the wearables and immersed the seats in a sparkling light show using their own light console. The show went live on TV and online, drawing a smile on millions of faces and lit up their screens with our vivid lights.

Nuhr TV successfully made an authentic show to end 2020 on a high. We were excited to be their crowd!

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