Lighting up a charity run!

Rotterdam Running Crew


‘’We want people to always remember why they ran this night, enlightening one another for a charity’’

Rotterdam running crew was putting their hands together to give support to hospitalized children.

They asked CrowdLED if we could make the night even more memorable, and we did!

What did we do?

We used 2000 of our LED wristbands to create a light show throughout the night run.

Because CrowdLED support the charity and wants to give Rotterdam running crew the opportunity to raise as much as possible for the Sophia Kinderziekenhuis, we provided them with refurbished wristbands in line with our eco-friendly way of thinking.

The runners warmed up together with the led wristbands synchronized with the beat of the music, motivating them before going into the race!

It was a heartwarming moment to see the community gathering and CrowdLED being able to brighten this wonderful event even more!

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