Lighting up San Salvador 2023

The Central American and Caribbean Games

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An unforgettable symphony of light, music, and joy

In the heart of El Salvador, magic was brewing. The buzzing city of San Salvador was playing host to the prestigious 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games. We were entrusted to light up this grand event with 25,000 sustainable LED wristbands. The stage was set. The vision: to transform the crowd at the majestic Estadio Nacional Jorge "El Mágico" Gonzalez into an integral part of the opening ceremony.

CrowdLED was ready.



The story behind the curtains

Orchestrating such a spectacle required meticulous planning and rigorous rehearsals. Our team worked closely with the event organizers, dividing the wristbands into 12 groups to enable patterns of light and color throughout the crowd. Dancers and athletes were also equipped with our LED wristbands, creating a visual spectacle across the entire venue. Each wristband, custom-branded with "San Salvador 2023," was a beacon of unity, pride, and a shared experience.

The technical aspect of the spectacle was a masterpiece in itself. With a single DMX base station and just two minutes of setup time, we controlled the dazzling sea of lights. A dedicated technician and wristband manager ensured the flawless execution of the show, while a true-to-life visualizer provided real-time feedback for seamless control.

As the ceremony began and the lights dimmed, a pulsating sense of excitement filled the air, intensified by the beats of DJ Marshmello. With the press of a button, our wristbands transformed the crowd into a canvas of shifting colors, adding to the immersive atmosphere.

"It was a great challenge for everyone...but we can say: 'we did it!'" said President Nayib Bukele. This sentiment is shared by CrowdLED.

The 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games - San Salvador were a demonstration of what can be achieved when vision, passion, and technology come together. We were proud to be a part of this journey.

CrowdLED's expansion: Closer to our clients in the Americas

The magic of this event was made even more special with an important milestone for CrowdLED. We are excited to announce that we are now bringing our LED wristbands closer to our clients in the Americas. Operating from our USA office, we are ready to illuminate events and hearts far and wide, sharing the power of CrowdLED globally.

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