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SRF x Ich schänke dir es Lied


“We wanted to make our show more special. By adding a personal touch to the stories behind the songs.”

At the centre of the program are the music and the personal stories behind the songs. Participants surprise a certain person with a song that means a lot to them.

SRF wants to promote national music and provide a platform for local artists with this show.

What did we do?

SRF wanted to add a special touch to the songs, so they reached out to us. We proposed our LED wristband and DMX interface. SRF production could integrate the wristbands using their own light console into the preprogrammed light show per song.

The emotion on-stage was extended to the audience through a beautifully choreographed song-wristband interaction. The crowd shots look far more immersive, plus an audience with wristbands lighting up is an audience more engaged and energetic!

This really made SRF stand out even more with their show.

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