A Night to Remember

at the Coronation Concert 2023

A unifying experience at the Coronation Concert:

The Coronation Concert 2023 at Windsor Castle was the most exceptional show of the year.

The concert featured music legends like Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, Paloma Faith, and Take That. We were at the heart of this celebration with 20,000 LED wristbands, setting the night ablaze with color, excitement, and pure euphoria.

The royal family have also participated in the light show by donning our wristbands, adding a sense of unity and connection.

But the magic didn't stop within the castle walls. Our lights extended across the United Kingdom, illuminating many cities and citizens in a shared moment of joy and pride.

Once the concert concluded, we collected and recycled all wristbands to ensure minimal environmental impact, allowing their magic to be repurposed for future events.


The story behind the curtains

Behind the scenes, an incredible amount of expertise went into making the Coronation Concert a shining success.

Our plug-and-play solution, featuring the easy-to-use DMX base station, enabled the concert organizers to effortlessly incorporate the 20,000 LED wristbands into the event, with a quick one-minute setup at each location for seamless implementation.

Iconic landmarks like Blackpool Tower, Sheffield Town Hall, Newcastle's Tyne Bridge, Gateshead's Millennium Bridge, as well as locations in Edinburgh and Cardiff, were illuminated for the "Lighting up the Nation" centerpiece, creating a sense of unity and collective celebration.
All it took was plugging in the transmitter, and the lighting team was ready to control the LED wristbands – that's the simplicity and efficiency of working with CrowdLED.

To ensure an accurate control of the wristband's effects, our visualizer provided true-to-life feedback throughout the planning and execution process.


Sustainability in Spotlight:

Behind the visual spectacle that CrowdLED produces lies a solid commitment to sustainability, underscoring every facet of our operations. 

Our sustainable journey begins at the source. With rigorous factory audits, we ensure fair wages, appropriate working hours and adhere to a stringent slavery policy. Our BSCI audited supply chain, which meets the Disney standard, further reaffirms our dedication to ethical practices. 

However, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond ethical sourcing. The LED wristbands that dazzled at the Coronation Concert exemplify our reuse and recycle philosophy. Post-event, every wristband was collected, refurbished, and prepared to create magic at future events. This strategic initiative has dramatically reduced waste, as we steadfastly march towards a reuse-only model.

Moreover, we strive for green logistics. Deliveries for the Coronation Concert were made with electric vehicles, minimising our carbon footprint. And this eco-consciousness extends to our choice of partners as well - we only collaborate with those who hold a green label. 

For us, every flicker of our LEDs signifies an extraordinary event, and a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future. 

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