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CrowdLED has what it takes to help you create an unforgettable event with our LED bracelets. We know how to handle events of any kind or size, providing both visitors and viewers an amazing experience. We have an eye out for others, making sure we have a small impact on the environment but a big, lasting impact on our communities. Above all, CrowdLED can make your event a success because we are visionaries bold enough to work tirelessly on what we believe in: a spectacular show for everyone, time and time again. All while working fast and for a modest, reasonable price.

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What CrowdLED does for you

We take care of everything. Throughout the process, from the first scribbles setting out the project design until the curtain fall, we communicate with everyone on board making sure that all steps go as planned. We help you set up an incredible event.

Want to learn more about how we pull it off? Take 2 minutes and read the backstage story of Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Light show

That unifying, overwhelming feeling when everyone around you in the stadium is wearing the colours of your squad… Pretty amazing, right? Now imagine how it would be if you could control when those colours light up, in any colour imaginable. The crowd as your canvas, with the flick of a switch.

With our LED wristbands and lanyards your crowd becomes part of the light show, turning them from spectators to participants. Colour waves, crowd interaction, and other visually stunning effects are at your fingertips. Turn your audience into an art piece and have them craving for more.

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Interactive light effects

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Pixel mapping

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Time coded light show

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Tailor-made show design

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Advanced control effects

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16,000,000 colors

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Crowd Management

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Control ALL together

  • Create unity
  • Crowd signaling

Time to move on to the next activity? Gather all the attendees in one room by lighting all the wristband together in the same color or announce break-out sessions using the wristbands to guide your guests from one workshop to the next. 

Use the wristbands to make sure the schedule is followed as planned or signal a special announcement.

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Control groups separately

  • Break-out sessions
  • Group departments/zones  

Use color coded break-out sessions to help everyone where to go next.

Divide your crowd  based on their expertise, department or company. When the clock strikes five and folks are ready for a drink, use the colors in the wristbands to help attendees break the ice for a chat.

winner icon, crowdled

Pick winners!

  • Randomly select winners
  • Light up winning tables 

Looking for an original award ceremony? Call the nominees on stage by lighting up their wristbands or pick any winner from the crowd.

Brand Activation

Your logo on every visitor

Wristbands are a great tool to help you putting your brand on the open. Print your logo on our LED wearables to show off your brand.

Create an impact

Boost your online visibility by having everyone sharing the wonderful time they are having on social medias. Get your logo, hashtags, or event name on the wearable and witness the impact online. Or promote a partner company to secure a nice funding for your event.

Reduce friction, increase interaction

Make your event more engaging with RFID solutions to get to know your audience and run an even smoother event. Think shorter lines, data collection and crowd control. Interested in hearing more? Check out the RFID page and request a quote.

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Brand activation

Full custom branding for maximum exposure
All sizes CrowdLED

All sizes

From smooth plug-and-play solutions to massive choreographed arenas
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Lightning fast

Rush orders delivered worldwide within one week
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Our in-house development ensures limitless possibilities